why vegan?

FOR THe animals

We believe first and foremost that our compassion should be extended to include all life. It is unjustifiable to harm or kill any animal purely for taste or for any other reason. The meat and dairy industries routinely inflict extreme cruelty on billions of innocent animals who are capable of suffering just as we do. We are seeking to promote a kinder world, where all life has value and we live in harmony with nature. 

If you are not vegan we encourage you to watch these films which are guaranteed to change your mind!

for the environment

Animal agriculture is extremely destructive to the environment, it is a major cause of water and air pollution, habitat loss, species extinction, ocean dead zones, soil erosion and deforestation.

A recent study by Oxford University concluded that adopting a vegan diet was 'the single biggest way' to reduce your environmental impact on the planet. 

End World hunger

Meat and dairy production is incredibly inefficient because it consumes far out of proportion to its yield. Animal farming takes up to 83% of the worlds agricultural land, but delivers only 18% of our calories. Hundreds of millions of people in this world go hungry or starve to death, yet we are actually growing most of our crops to fatten animals. A plant-based diet uses around 20 times less land and 5 times less water and could feed an additional 4 billion people.

health benefits

A plant-based diet has many wonderful health benefits backed up by hundreds of studies. It is proven to lower the risk of certain cancers, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and a whole host of chronic ailments. For scientifically sound nutritional advice from plant-based doctors please go to NutritionFacts.org .

The community will aim to grow most of its own food. There is nothing more healthy, delicious and life-affirming than home-grown, organic fruit and vegetables!

Vegans often feel isolated in 'normal' society, so we want to provide a place where we can live and work together, be creative and share our love, support and friendship more easily. Ethical vegans generally have a higher level of compassion and empathy for others and are therefore more likely to be able to co-operate over a long period of time.

why meditators?

People who practice some kind of meditation do so in order to harmonise their own consciousness and help each other to grow more effectively than people who are living solely through their minds. It is very simple to learn and just needs an open heart. Another word for it is 'mindfulness'. There are many methods of practice and we want to stress that we are completely non-sectarian, meaning that we are completely open to all aspects of the spiritual path and are not aligned with any particular religion or teacher, valuable though that may be for different people. Meditation helps us to become more calm, tolerant and kind.

If you are already a vegan meditator you will know what we mean, so we hope you will understand why we feel it is necessary to have these two pillars as the foundation for the community.

why community?

Humans evolved in a tribal setting, this is how we as a species are meant to live. Living separately in modern society causes most of us to have feelings of social isolation at some time in our lives. Loneliness is said to be a modern epidemic that affects at least one third of all people and can be detrimental to physical health as well as our personal happiness. We are offering an alternative way, to live in a caring group.

In addition, many people feel alienated in conventional society because they have alternative views and think in a different way. Life is so much easier and more fulfilling when there are like-minded people nearby with whom you resonate, and who you can depend on for practical and moral support. 

However we are also very much aware of each individuals need for plenty of privacy and space, so there would be no pressure to participate in any group activities unless people choose to at at any given time, so long as people are generally communally-minded.

From a financial perspective community also makes great sense. You are sharing the cost of a property, for a fraction of the price of buying your own house you can have a rent-free, mortgage-free home of your own. You are also sharing rates, utility bills and general maintenance costs which works out much cheaper than living separately. The community could also own shared vehicles, and anything else they care to own collectively. When you are happy to share, you can live an abundant existence for significantly less!


Please  only message us here at this stage, if you are interested in owning a share in the community. Please first read our FAQs.

If you would just like to be kept updated please join our mailing list, thank you! 

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