I have hated milk from my very childhood..that is the only thing in my life that I have done against my will. And the only way I could manage it was to stop breathing and take the whole glass in a single gulp so that I didn't smell it, because I can't stand it. I have tried all kinds of milks, but I can't stand the smell....


My feeling has been always -- and I told my family" -- Jainas should stop using all milk products because milk is just like meat.

It is not vegetarian, it is animal food; and it has a double violence in it. From where does the milk come? It is the mother's mechanism, biological mechanism, that transforms her blood into milk. You are really drinking white blood."

On the one hand I had a strong hatred for milk because it is non-vegetarian; secondly, you are depriving the child of the cow or the buffalo. That milk is not for you. The cow has her own kids, and the milk has come to her breasts for those kids, not for you.

I'Osho 'From Personality to Individuality'

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Chère Madame/ Monsieur,
J'écris ceci pour expliquer brièvement ma situation. Je suis actuellement dépendante de mon mari, Charles Lewis-Walker, qui fait une demande séparément, même si nous sommes propriétaires de notre maison. J'ai joint, (avec les documents qui prouvent nos revenus,) un document qui prouve le potentiel locatif de la maison, en chambre d'hôtes, puisque l'immeuble compte 6-7 chambres et Argelès-sur-mer est très prisé comme destination de vacances. Nous espérions commencer à gagner cette année, environ 10 000 euros de la part des clients, malheureusement les restrictions de Covid-19 nous ont empêchés de le faire. De plus, nous n'avons aucun loyer hypothécaire à payer, ce qui réduit nos besoins en revenus.
Nous vous demandons de bien vouloir prendre ces faits en considération, merci.

Le relevé bancaire ANZ de mon mari montre ses 2 paiements de pension, surlignés en jaune. PENSION / SUPERANNUATION toutes les 2 semaines, UK pension CITIBANK TRANSFER toutes les 4 semaines.


Lesley Phipps


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