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Charlie Walker, (Facilitator)

I have been a passionate ethical vegan and meditator for over 40 years. I have built a rural vegan retreat centre in Golden Bay, New Zealand and I also co-founded one of the biggest and most successful meditation communities in Australia which is still thriving. I have decades of experience living in communities and am a trained counsellor. I have also written a book called 'The Peaceful Vegan Revolution.' Please click on the link below to read chapter 7 which explains all about community.

 I recently decided to relocate to beautiful France to begin the process of forming the community. I want to stress that I have no desire to be a 'leader' but merely to help facilitate the process of creating the community, and neither do any of us stand to profit in any way from it financially.

I am doing this because I love living in community, it is a life enhancing and very rich experience, and I also want to share what I have with like-minded friends, and hopefully to help make the world a better place by spreading a compassionate and positive message.

In my experience,  living in a community also helps people to grow on a personal and spiritual level, as well as being a lot of fun! 

Please watch my youtube videos for more information on the benefits of living in a vegan meditation community.

Charlie on Vegan Community Living

Charlie on community and co-housing

The Peaceful Vegan Revolution (Chapter 7)

Hi, my name is Sandra, I’m an Author, International Speaker, Vegan Nutritionist, Documentary and Film Critic, and loving mother of 3 wonderful children living in Byron Bay Australia.   In my spare time I like to do yoga, meditation, walking and  being outdoors in general. I love the idea of a Vegan community. I will contribute any way I can.  I am great at growing fruit and veggies, as I grow most of my food for the family and have done so most of my life. Of course it is all organically grown, in conjunction with companion planting and crop rotation.  Looking forward to meeting you all. 

My name is Paul, I live in Canada, and I have 4 beautiful children and two granddaughters. I’ve been vegetarian for 6 years & vegan for 5. I adopted this lifestyle out of concern for my personal health, the welfare of animals and of the environment.

I was born in Egypt and speak French, English and Arabic. 

I’m excited to join this Vegan Community in the South of France.

I'm Lauren and I live with my partner Ben in England. I became vegan three years ago after watching Cowspiracy and other documentaries about the treatment of farmed animals. I am a qualified massage therapist. I studied film and photography at university and have experience working in a Marketing team for higher education. I spent a year training in practical nature conservation with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. I still love practicing photography (especially black and white film) but I much prefer to be outdoors; hiking, exploring, gardening and swimming in nature. I’m in the process of writing a novel and enjoy cooking, dancing, badminton, meditation and writing songs with Ben on the piano.

After volunteering for a few vegan communities I realised that I find great joy, inspiration and greater personal development whilst living closely as part of a tribe of like-minded people. Very excited to see what happens next!  

My name is Ben and I live with my partner Lauren. I’ve been Vegan for nearly 3 years and feel the lifestyle has made me so much more open minded, empathetic and fair. This also led me down a more spiritual path where I found meditation which I am trying to practice more. I’m looking forward to being able to grow more of a variety of crops. I love the idea of being part of a community where we can support, learn and grow together.

I studied music in Leeds and now work from home as a self employed composer specialising in writing for Film and TV. I wrote and released a debut solo piano album in 2018 and plan to write many more in the future. To help with rent I also work part time at a hotel so the prospect of moving to France where I hopefully wouldn’t need to do this and can spend the extra time working on music and developing my other creative hobbies like painting and photography is extremely exciting! 

Hi, I’m Barbara, I’ve been a compassionate vegetarian for 50 years, and now a vegan. I also have a regular daily meditation practice which I love. My partner, Andy, and I have lived in France for 15 years and travelled all over in our camper van. We both speak french.

I am a retired teacher and we also self-taught our 3 children (now grown up) in rural Wales where we lived for 30 years. We have known Charlie for over 45 years.

We have a very wide knowledge of growing food in the Lot region of central France. 

I love helping people and I’m  very friendly, positive and fun-loving!

Hello, my name is Andy, I am a long-term meditator and vegetarian, now vegan. I am a retired teacher, an active carpenter and a passionate gardener with a wide knowledge of growing vegetables and flowers. I have travelled all over France with my partner Barbara in our camper van, and recommend the Charente Maritime type of climate, not too hot, not too cold, and very good for growing and health.

 We live in Denia Spain for half the year.

I love life and have a great sense of humour, we are very much looking forward to being part of the vegan community!

 Hello, my name is Lesley and I am from England and I've been vegan for 36 yrs for the animals.

 I have been practicing meditation for quite a while and my favourite spiritual master is Osho.

I'm very keen on helping to make the community a success, I love vegan cooking, baking, sprouting and fermenting. I can also renovate, paint and decorate to a high standard, so hope my skills will come in handy if needed.

I am really looking forward to learning how to grow organic fruits and veggies. My ambition is to live a simple life, close to nature, and to help spread the compassionate vegan message to others.

Hi my name is Sara, here I am in front of the Glass House mountains.

I currently live in South East Queensland. Ive been a vegan since 2014, originally for health reasons but also as a lifestyle choice for the planet and against animal eating and modern farming.I lived in Paris in 1997 and have never got France out of my head,Id say I am a total Francophone and speak fairly good French. Im attracted to the grandeur of French chateaus and have dreamt about living in such a space for a long time.I am a textile,fashion and homewares designer as well as a artist and yoga teacher.I have been meditating for 20 years and teach meditation and offer yoga Nidras. Im an avid gardener and have a little veggie patch. I like the idea of creating a like minded community,vegan with conscious people and in a chateau with land in the French country side is very appealing.I have one grown up son.

My name is Corinne, hello! I adopted a vegan diet and lifestyle 8 years after being vegetarian for almost 30 years. It was a natural and intuitive process for me and became more curious about the impacts of Veganism on Gaia and not need to say the Animal Kingdom!. I then met and connected easily with gentle souls in Australia, such as Charlie and Lesley and Sandra. I'm now surfing my Life in Switzerland after 20 years of growth Down Under. I speak fluent french. I'm a yogini, meditator, dancer and love chanting mantra. I have lived in communities and aim to live one day at the Vegan Château. Im very grateful for all the work which is done to live that dream.

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