'There is nothing more powerful than 

 an idea whose time has come'

 Victor Hugo



We are putting out an invitation to like-minded people to join us in an exciting project. We are in the process of forming an Intentional Vegan Meditation Community in France, and shares in this community will be available. There are many amazing large properties for sale in France that are relatively inexpensive and perfectly set up for community living, and with its mild climate and long season for gardening we feel it is the ideal place.

 Our intention is to purchase a large chateau or house with outbuildings, barns and some land. We already have more than half the funds available to buy some of the properties featured. We would like to invite more sharers to join us and get the most suitable property. There will be many beautiful shared spaces - living rooms, library, artists studios, meditation spaces, gardens, maybe a swimming pool, vegetable gardens and orchards. Ideally we are looking for somewhere with woodland where we can have yurts, treehouses etc. The land will be a nature reserve and a wildlife sanctuary. 

 Here we will promote a compassionate and sustainable lifestyle, provide a venue for meditation retreats, workshops in vegan cookery and nutrition, permaculture, yoga and alternative therapies and much more. The creative possibilities are endless!

 The community will be based on the shared values ​​of kindness and respect for each other, all beings and our planet, and a desire to create a better world.


Please  only message us here at this stage, if you are interested in owning a share in the community. Please first read our FAQs.

If you would just like to be kept updated please join our mailing list, thank you! 

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